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Sponsor an Event or Program = Success through association!

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Benefits of Sponsoring

By sponsoring a Chamber event or program, your organization will reach more local businesses, potential customers and community leaders that recognize companies that help support local economic development initiatives that create a healthy business climate. Your recognition as a Chamber sponsor within the business community will insure you make those important connections necessary for the future growth and success of your business.

Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Builds Brand Recognition and Awareness
  • Generates Leads and New Sales
  • Enhances Business Relationships and Grows Your Network
  • Positive Press and Visibility
  • Community Goodwill and Social Responsibility
  • Customized plan to suit your business plan and overall strategy! 

As a sponsor your company benefits from:

Great Publicity

Events and programs are highly publicized...and so are our sponsors! Your brand name will be included in various publications that may include (based on sponsor level and event) the Chamber website, e-newsletters, social media pages, any related print materials, press releases, or other media for valuable public recognition.

Networking Opportunities

Our Chamber's events and programs provide companies access to new clients, customers and business partnerships. This is also an opportunity for renewing and strengthening relationships with your current clients and customers.

Improved Reputation
Consider how quickly a brand’s reputation can soar or plummet because of online reviews and social media. A positive reputation is a fundamental component of generating initial leads and is integral to long-term sustainability.

Stronger Brand Equity

An improved reputation often results in your business being perceived as more credible and trustworthy. In turn, your target market is more likely to associate your brand name with something positive, which automatically strengthens your brand equity.

View Sponsorship Brochure