Education & Workforce Development

Education and Workforce Development

Mission: We facilitate innovative partnerships among business, educators, students, and stakeholders to deliver a world-class workforce.  

Education and workforce development are crucial for a community's prosperity. A well-educated population contributes to economic growth by meeting job market demands. Workforce programs align skills with industry needs, creating employment opportunities and attracting businesses. This synergy fosters economic development, enhances social cohesion, and promotes civic engagement, creating an informed and empowered community. Education and workforce development are vital for addressing challenges, reducing inequalities, and building a resilient and thriving community.

Jeff Taylor, Piedmont HealthCare

Vice Chair of Education & Workforce Development
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the Month at 9:00am
Youth Leadership
Leadership Statesville
Boys & Girls Club of the Piedmont Partnership                                                                                             
Iredell Ready Partner

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