Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce Featured Annual Events

Elevating our community spirit, the Chamber of Commerce orchestrates a series of standout events annually that truly warrant bragging rights. The crown jewel, our SAGE Awards & Annual Meeting, takes center stage to acknowledge and celebrate excellence within our dynamic business community. From the high-stakes excitement of Casino Night to the rhythm-filled Friday After 5 Concerts, the invigorating 5K run, and the festive Pumpkin Festival, we ensure a calendar brimming with fun and entertainment for our Statesville Community. Our commitment extends beyond mere events, as we actively promote business education and leadership programs, exemplified by our impactful Women's Conference and the Future 5 Awards, dedicated to guiding and honoring our emerging young professionals.

All year round, our Chamber acts as a unifying force, bringing together the diverse threads of our business community to foster growth, collaboration, and shared success.

Featured Events 2024

    March 21st, 2024 Women's Conference: Actualize

    The Leading Ladies of The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce host an annual women's leadership conference held in March. This transformative, day-long event showcases dynamic female leaders who inspire and empower women to "Actualize their Vision," fostering a culture of leadership and success. The Leading Ladies Program is dedicated to providing a platform for women to focus on achievements in various sectors of business and industry. Through engaging team-building exercises and networking opportunities, the conference aims to cultivate a supportive community. The event highlights six influential women speakers, each offering a unique perspective on the significance of empowering women in today's dynamic world. It is an invaluable opportunity for attendees to gain insights, motivation, and practical strategies to navigate and excel in their professional journeys. LEARN MORE >

    May 3rd through October 4th, 2024 Piedmont HealthCare Friday After Five Concert Series

    Indulge in the rhythm and energy of our Friday After Five Summer Concert Series, a collaborative effort with the Downtown Statesville Development Corp, providing free entertainment to Statesville's residents, neighbors, and visitors from May through September. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Statesville on West Broad Street in front of Mitchell Community College, this lively event showcases a diverse range of musical genres, catering to all tastes – from the soothing melodies of Beach Music and Country to the soulful beats of Blues and Rock and Roll. The concerts, scheduled from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, offer a vibrant atmosphere for music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in. While you sway to the tunes, you can also savor a variety of refreshments, including beer, wine, soft drinks, and delectable food options available for purchase. Remember to bring your chairs for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. However, please note that pets, outside beverages, or coolers are not permitted, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable evening for all attendees. Join us in celebrating summer nights filled with captivating music and community spirit in the heart of Downtown Statesville.


    August 2nd, 2024 SVL Kids Expo

    This unique event provides students in grades K-12 with a platform to ideate, craft, and promote a product or service that aligns with their passions. More than just a showcase, it serves as a valuable opportunity for these young entrepreneurs to grasp the fundamentals of owning a business. Through active participation, kid vendors gain hands-on experience in essential real-life skills, including mathematics, effective communication, and creative thinking. The entire process, from the development to the marketing of their products or services, directly influences their sales at the event, offering invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial journey. This immersive learning experience not only empowers these budding talents but also nurtures their understanding of the commitment and skills required to succeed in owning and managing a business. LEARN MORE >

    October 11th, 2024 Future 5 Awards 

    Our Future 5 Award recipients are nominated by our membership. The selected top 5 young professionals will exemplify a steadfast dedication to the Greater Statesville community, showcasing their commitment through active engagement in both civic and business spheres. Aligned with the core values of the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce, these individuals will demonstrate an unwavering sense of responsibility to the community. Their involvement with local organizations will not only contribute to the elevation of the overall quality of life in Greater Statesville but will also play a pivotal role in enhancing our capacity to attract and retain young talent. By embodying these values, the chosen professionals will stand out as true advocates for the growth and prosperity of our vibrant community. LEARN MORE > 

    October 20th, 2024 Balloon Chasers 5K & Fun Run

    Gear up for an exhilarating experience at the Balloon Chasers 5K and Fun Run, a timed race set against the picturesque backdrop of the Carolina Balloon Festival at the Statesville Regional Airport. This high-energy event unfolds on the airport's runways, offering participants a fast-paced run amidst the unique ambiance of hot air balloons. Weather permitting, runners will witness the breathtaking Morning Ascension of Hot Air Balloons, adding an extra layer of excitement to the race. As a token of participation, each entrant will receive a complimentary ticket to the Carolina Balloon Festival, along with a coveted completion medal. This isn't just a race; it's a chance to traverse the runway in a truly distinctive setting. Additionally, winners in each age category will be honored with place awards, making this event a thrilling combination of athleticism and the mesmerizing allure of hot air balloons soaring above. Lace up your running shoes and join us for an unforgettable run amidst the enchanting world of the Carolina Balloon Festival. LEARN MORE > 

    November 2nd, 2024 Statesville Pumpkin Festival

    Embark on a delightful journey in the heart of historic downtown Statesville with our annual community extravaganza! In collaboration with the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation, this event is a joyous celebration featuring over 100 vendors, a vibrant kids zone, a lively beer garden, and an array of music and entertainment spread across three dynamic stages. Set against the backdrop of our charming downtown, this fall festival promises a day filled with laughter, discovery, and community spirit. It's an occasion tailor-made for the whole family, ensuring everyone can revel in the festive atmosphere and create cherished memories. Don't miss out on the festivities; join us for an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of community celebration in historic Statesville! LEARN MORE >

    SAGE Awards & Annual Meeting

    The eagerly anticipated SAGE (Statesville Area Growth and Excellence) Awards and Annual Meeting, scheduled for February 2025, will be graciously hosted by the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious event, promises an evening of celebration and recognition for outstanding contributions to the community. The awards to be presented encompass a diverse range, highlighting the exceptional achievements across Statesville and surrounding area. Categories include Citizen of the Year, Business of the Year (both large and small enterprises), Ambassador of the Year, and Community Impact. Notably, this year's ceremony introduces additional accolades, showcasing excellence in various facets of local business, such as Partners in Education Excellence, Innovator of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Launch Sage Award for new businesses, and Leader in Advocacy. This expansion reflects the Chamber's commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the multifaceted achievements that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Statesville area.  LEARN MORE >

    2025 Casino Night: Vegas in the Ville

    Get ready to roll the dice on an evening of opulence and thrill at Casino Night in the 'Ville on March 9th, 2024! Presented by our esteemed High Roller sponsor, R. Gregory Jewelers, this event promises an unforgettable experience filled with glitz, glamour, and endless excitement. Join us for a night of exhilarating casino games including blackjack, roulette, craps, and Texas Hold Em'. Your luck could not only bring you wins at the tables but also contribute to a great cause. The proceeds from this fundraiser will play a crucial role in supporting various chamber programs, such as our free-to-member initiatives, Leading Ladies, Chamber Connection, Business Advocacy Luncheons, and our engaging podcasts. Your participation will also help fund our leadership programming, ensuring a bright future for the local business community. So, mark your calendars for a night of sophistication and fun, all for a meaningful cause – because in the 'Ville, we know how to do Vegas right! LEARN MORE >

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