Recruit Training: Fire Attack, Search, and Victim Removal

Statesville Fire Department recruits recently completed an intensive two-day training program focused on fire attack, search and rescue, victim removal, and hose movement. This crucial training took place in a controlled environment, allowing our recruits to gain hands-on experience in simulated fire conditions.  

Hose Movement and Deployment: Proper hose movement is critical for effective firefighting. Recruits received comprehensive training on the correct methods of hose deployment, movement, and control. This skill is fundamental for managing fire scenes and ensuring the safety of both firefighters and civilians.

Victim Removal Procedures: Understanding the importance of swift and safe victim removal, recruits practiced techniques for extricating simulated victims from challenging scenarios. This training is essential for preparing recruits to respond effectively to emergencies involving trapped individuals.

Search and Rescue Operations: The recruits practiced their search and rescue skills, learning to navigate through smoke-filled environments and locate simulated victims. Emphasis was placed on efficient and safe search techniques to minimize risks and enhance the chances of successful rescues.

Fire Attack Techniques: Recruits were trained in effective fire attack techniques, emphasizing safety, coordination, and communication. Instructors from our department guided them through various scenarios, ensuring they develop the skills needed for real-life firefighting situations.

SFD instructors played a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring the recruits throughout the training sessions. Their expertise and experience were instrumental in preparing the recruits for the essential job functions they will encounter as part of the Statesville Fire Department. The emphasis was not only on individual skills but also on fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration among the recruits.

The Statesville Fire Department extends its gratitude to the South Iredell Volunteer Fire Department for allowing the use of their training facility. The hospitality shown by the South Iredell VFD contributed to the success of the training program, and we appreciate their ongoing support in ensuring our recruits receive the best possible training.

The recent fire attack, search, and victim removal training have equipped our recruits with the skills and knowledge necessary for the demanding responsibilities they will face as members of the Statesville Fire Department. We remain committed to providing top-notch training to our recruits to ensure they are prepared to serve and protect our community effectively.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our recruit class and their journey towards becoming dedicated and skilled firefighters.

📷 Recruits from left to right: Joe Cook, Craig Ernst, Michael Billings, Daniel Amorim, Joseph Haracopos, Grayson Alexander, and Bobby Morrison
Originally posted by City of Statesville via Locable