New Look, New Format

We're very excited about expanding your networking power with our new format. See details below:

Exciting Changes to Business After Hours!

Get ready for a dynamic revamp of Business After Hours now Chamber Connection After Hours!

We're moving away from the single-host format and welcoming two collaborating businesses to co-pilot the event. This means double the networking power, double the fun, and a chance to experience more of what different members have to offer.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Cross-promotion power: Each co-host will promote the event to their newsletter and social media, bringing in fresh faces and expanding your reach.

  • Enhanced networking: With two businesses involved, there's even more opportunity to mingle, make connections, and discover potential collaborations.

  • Dual door prizes: Double the chances to win something exciting! Each co-host will provide a door prize, adding to the anticipation and fun.

  • Interactive showcase: Forget passive booths! We encourage co-hosts to get creative and showcase their business through:

    • Product demonstrations: Let attendees see your offerings in action.

    • Engaging quizzes or games: Spark conversation and laughter while promoting your brand.

    • A memorable photo op: Create a buzz-worthy experience for social media.

    • Social media challenge: Encourage attendees to share their event adventures with a themed hashtag.

    • Live Q&A with an expert: Offer valuable insights and build trust with your audience.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take Chamber Connection After Hours to the next level!

The key ingredient? Collaboration!

We want our co-hosts to work together, ensuring a seamless and exciting experience for all attendees.

Ready to step into the spotlight and share your business magic? Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Business After Hours co-host!

Benefits for co-hosts:

  • Increased brand awareness: Get exposure to a wider audience through cross-promotion and event participation.

  • Lead generation: Connect with potential customers and build meaningful relationships.

  • Positive brand image: Showcase your company's creativity and commitment to the community.

  • Networking opportunities: Expand your professional network and build valuable business connections.

Call to action:

Contact us today for more information or to express your interest in co-hosting! Nicole Kershner at 704-873-2892 Ext 2 or [email protected]

Guidelines for a brag worthy event!

Interested in hosting? 

This event is for marketing, connecting, and growing your business with other community leaders and business owners to engage and learn about what is going on in our business community.

Purpose: Allows hosts to showcase their businesses to fellow Chamber Members and the business community. A great alternative networking opportunity for members who are unable to attend events throughout the day. Offers Chamber Members the opportunity to network and grow your customer base in a casual, relaxed environment.

Event Time: 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.  Hosts should be prepared by 4:30 p.m.

Hosts: This event is normally held at the host's or co-hosts place of business; therefore, space must be adequate to accommodate 25-35 guests (including parking).

Food & Beverage: All food and beverages are to be provided in sufficient quantities to serve an event lasting two (2) hours.  

*Hosts are highly encouraged to utilize the services of a Chamber member for catering.  For a list of caterers go to our directory here >