• Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening

    Congratulations on your new, or renewed, business.  A key component of making sure that your work is recognized is through having a Ribbon Cutting or Grand Opening Celebration coordinated by/through the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce.  These guidelines have been established so that you/we can gain a better understanding of your expectations for this event.  Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Openings can take a variety of shapes and we want to do the best we can to make sure your expectations are met or exceeded.

    1)   Know why you want to host this event and articulate that with the Chamber staff. You might want to have as many people as possible at the Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening – or you might want to have a more targeted approach to getting a more specific audience to the event.  The higher your expectations the more work and cost will be entailed.

    2)   These events can be as brief as a 20-minute ribbon cutting or can be as long as an all-day “drop-in” affair.  The Chamber’s responsibility will be to make note of the event on our media outlets and email communications.  We will post pictures on social media venues and in our magazine.  The Chamber will coordinate and staff the actual “cutting of the ribbon”.   We will recruit Ambassadors to attend the ribbon-cutting as their schedule allows.  We can invite other dignitaries but are at the mercy of their schedule.   We can provide assistance in the invitation of those dignitaries, but it is most effective if it comes from you.   There may be several photos taken.  We ask that at least one of those photos include all participating Ambassadors.

    3)   Timing is very important.  To maximize attendance by the Chamber membership, a ribbon-cutting during business hours Mon-Friday is important. Normally ribbon cuttings are held at one of the following times: 9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.  There may be occasions in which a host would want to have a ribbon-cutting before/after hours.  In those cases, attendance by Ambassadors and other Chamber members is greatly reduced.

    4)   We will create an event on our website, send the information out to our membership through our weekly email and post on our FaceBook page as well. Any activities outside of the “ribbon-cutting” (give-a-ways) will be the responsibility of the host organization.   We suggest light refreshments, and providing a memorable experience is important.

    5)   Promote the event with your own customers and client base. We will invite our connections but we strongly suggest you promote your event widely. Please make sure there is enough time to for people to plan for this event, last-minute events may not turn out as you would like.  You want this event to be filled with energy and a sense of celebration.  Make sure you have the right people on hand to make that work.

    Contact Valerie Chambers for scheduling.

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