• Music Together in Iredell County!

    Statesville, NC, March 23, 2021 - Out of the discord and chaos of 2020, Iredell County invites unity and healing through music and movement at Music Together of the Western Piedmont. 
    Music Together of the Western Piedmont will open registrations for in-person Spring classes starting in April 2021. Class space will be limited to continue to comply with local and statewide COVID protocols. 
    Music Together of the Western Piedmont continues the tradition of Music Together in the Lake Norman and Iredell County region, spearheaded by Melinda T. Arndt of Music with Mindy, a board-certified Music Therapist. Music Together of the Western Piedmont will provide early childhood music education through mixed age family classes. 
    Founded by Kenneth K. Guilmartin in 1987, Music Together has been a pioneer of research-based early childhood music education. Music Together classes can be found in more than 2,500 communities in over 40 countries. 
    Ms. Sharon Owenby, Center Director of Music Together of the Western Piedmont, is a seasoned mom, a classically trained cellist, and has been teaching music in the Charlotte area since 2007. Ms. Owenby was inspired by the recent births of her two youngest children to the needs of young families during a pandemic, and desires to bring the healing gift of music to households of Iredell, Alexander, and surrounding areas.
    Music Together of the Western Piedmont will be housed in multiple locations in Iredell and Alexander counties. 
    Music Together is an internationally recognized, developmentally appropriate early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age seven. First offered to the public in 1987, the Music Together curriculum, coauthored by Guilmartin and Dr. Lili Levinowitz (Director of Research), is based on the recognition that all children are musical. All children can learn to sing in tune, move with accurate rhythm, and participate with confidence in the music of their culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning. Music Together offers programs for families, schools, at-risk populations, and children with special needs, at licensed locations in over 2,500 communities in more than 40 countries around the world. The company is passionately committed to bringing children and their caregivers closer through shared music-making and helping people discover the joy—and educational value—of early music experiences. More at www.musictogether.com and www.facebook.com/musictogether.

    For questions or to register for classes, please email MusicTogetherWPNC@gmail.com.


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