• Chamber Committees & Strategic Plan


  • Public Policy Committee

    We are the proactive business advocate at local and state levels, educating members on issues and fostering relationships with elected officials. Top Priorities:

    1. Digital community to share policy updates at local, state, & federal levels

    • Create a public policy discussion forum page for our members
    • Build relationships with US and NC Chamber public policy representatives
    • Attend legislative events in Washington, DC and Raleigh

    2. Represent membership priorities at the City/County levels as well as Raleigh and Washington DC

    • Better understanding of our membership
    • Report to interested parties via the opt-in discussion forum platform

    3. Connect Top Tiered Investors with Elected Officials

    • Meet with elected leaders to discuss issues that are important
    Business Development Committee

    We recruit new businesses and assist members by creating an environment optimal for economic growth. Top Priorities:

    1. Expand new business and support existing businesses

    • Develop marketing materials & implementation plan to aid in attracting more growth opportunities

    2. Communicate with and educate the community at large on business growth & sustainability

    • Keep community informed about local business development
    • Campaign to foster community pride
    • Use bi-monthly newsletter to keep members informed on local commercial & retail development

    3. Foster better relationships with state, county, and local governments, and stakeholders

    • Continual conversations with city council collectively and individually in expectation of expanding commercial activity at the airport and retail opportunities throughout the city
    • Meet with every city councilman and county commissioner a minimum of once a year
    Membership Committee 
    We intentionally provide valuable benefits to develop a diverse and engaged membership.  This committee will:

    1. Recruit, retain, & grow our membership

    • Convert current members to tiered dues membership that is a reflection of our membership's desired involvement
    • Develop a new membership recruitment plan
    • Maintain a retention rate of 88% or higher compared to the national average Chamber of Commerce of 84%

    2. Expand diversity of our members

    • Focus on diversity and inclusion as we expand our membership base
    • Create a Minority Business Council to represent historically underutilized businesses in our community & create programs to effect change. 
    Education and Workforce Development Committee 

     We provide programming that will build energy and excitement within the membership and community at large, while providing valuable revenue for the Chamber. This committee will:

    1. Create a world class workforce

    • Connect students with internships
    • Publish BLUEPRINT magazine
    • Create speaker bureau for local students
    • Support career fair for 8th grade students

    2. Leadership Statesville

    • 9 month program to engage current and future leaders 

    3. Educate our youth 

    • Youth Leadership Iredell program
    • Support and expand the LeaderInMe program
    • Seek funding and support for Crosby Scholar program

    4. Draw people to Statesville

    • Implement aggressive recruitment strategy
    Troutman Business Council 

    We provide programming to bring the residents and business owners in Troutman together to celebrate and address key issues.  Top priorities:

    1. Build a database of Troutman businesses

    • Have 1 on 1 contact with every business in Troutman
    • Determine top concerns/hopes Troutman businesses voice and coordinate a strategy to maximize long term business sustainability

    2. Community oriented special events

    • Coordinate Front Porch Fest & Party in the Park concert series
    Special Events 

    We provide programming that will build energy and excitement within the membership and community at large, while providing valuable revenue for the Chamber. Top Priorities:

    1. Generate greater diversity of participants at events

    • Creation of a diversity committee whose main purpose is to increase minority and millennial engagement
    • Have an instrumental role with creation and marketing for Juneteenth celebration & other diversity celebratory events

    2. Measure special events using a net promoter score

    • Continue to use social media for creative marketing for all special events and maximize the exposure for our partnership with local sponsors
    • Be open to alternative events to help promote the Chamber's vision of creating a thriving community
    • Increase participation and profitability of all special events by 10% each year
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