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    Facts about Greater Statesville

    Demographic Information:

    • Statesville’s city limit population is 25,900 (2017)
    • Median age of 39 (2017)
    • Statesville’s two zip codes (28677 and 28625) contain a population of over 72,200 (2015)
    • Primary and secondary trade area population is over 102,000 (2017)
    • Statesville’s two zip codes accounted for 32% of Iredell County’s total growth over the last 5 years, which led all other areas of the county.  80% of that growth in the Statesville area is due to people moving into the area
    • The Iredell County population is 176,000 (2017) and the forecast from 2010 of 204,000 residents by 2030 has been revised to almost 216,000 residents by 2030.  The revision came due to faster paced growth since 2010
    • Median family income for Iredell County is $63,000 (2015)


    Interstate, Highway, and Transit Information:

    Statesville contains 2 major interstates (I-40 and I-77) crossing right in the middle of Statesville and Iredell County.  In addition to these two main thoroughfares, Statesville contains 5 highways that include the following:

    • Hwy 115 (north and south)
    • Hwy 21 (north and south)
    • Hwy 70 (east and west)
    • Hwy 90 (east and west)
    • Hwy 64 (east and west)

    The traffic counts on I-40 top 57,000 vehicles per day (as of 2016) and I-77 tops 64,000 vehicles per day (as of 2016).  The I-77 and I-40 interchange has seen the first phase of redesign over the last 4 to 5 years and is entering phase to that will continue to support more traffic flow.  Phase I of the project also included the redesign of Hwy 21 at I-40 in which the traffic count tops 31,000 vehicles per day.  With the population growing as mentioned above, the traffic counts are anticipated to only increase, providing more opportunity for property to be developed.

    Statesville also contains main railways through the city via Norfolk Southern.  This railway is also accessible from the North Carolina Railroad Company (a Norfolk Southern Class I Freight Service) railway line.  CSX rail lines can also be accessed from the Norfolk Southern line outside of Statesville. There is also a short line accessible from the Norfolk Southern line in Statesville.

    In addition, Statesville boasts a regional airport to handle any aviation needs.  Statesville Regional Airport is just off of I-40 and is easily accessible.  The airport is poised to grow over the coming years with taxiway expansions (currently underway), corporate aviation park expansion, runway expansion, road relocations, terminal projects, and more.  The airport is just outside Charlotte airspace, making it a convenient and efficient aviation option for freight or corporate aviation needs.

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