• We all work a busy schedule and occasionally overlook the value of a simple “thank you” to someone that provided you great service, or perhaps engaged you in good conversation or helped you broaden your understanding.   Sometimes we lack the time or the avenue to offer that person our appreciation.  The Chamber is offering an opportunity to thank folks in a public fashion.

    If you have had an experience with someone that has gone an extra mile, opened your eyes, or simply made your day – please – take the opportunity to state it publicly.  Join us during the month of November and December as our Members Give Thanks!  Member Giving offers an opportunity for our members to share what they are thankful for in the community and relationships they have grown through their continued membership with the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce. Please email us your member giving testimonial or post it on our Facebook page. You could write your thanks or record a 30 second video clip!  Let us share your thanks with the business community! 

    There are a couple of snippy rules:

    1)We much prefer that the company or person you thank be a member of the Greater Statesville Chamber.  That’s not to say we won’t showcase non-member “thanks” but preferential location will be given to members.

    2)Be real and transparent – you have an opportunity, on a video or in words, to showcase yourself AND the person/company with whom you have had a great experience.  Try to keep the words to 200 or less and any video to 1 minute or less.  

  • Testimonials

  • "A year ago, as I was trying to get back into running (well, its more like a slightly faster than average walk) I approached Scott McClelland about the need to get some arch supports as I was having trouble with ankle pain.  After an extended conversation, Scott looked at me with a shrug and said, “You don’t need arch supports.  You need new shoes and I will assure you that we’ll make your feet feel better.”  I am still not a fast runner but I am a much more comfortable runner because Scott and the staff at McClelland Shoes took a great deal of time talking this old codger into getting off my wallet.  Thanks, Scott – it was one of the best investments I’ve made in a few years." - David Bradley, President of The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

    "SERVPRO of Iredell County would like to give a special thanks to Griffin Heating and Air. Working in Emergency services with both water and fire damage cleanup, we’ve found the need for a reliable HVAC company that is quick to respond to our client’s needs. We have referred our clients to Griffin several times and have always received  positive feedback from both our staff and our clients.  Griffin Heating and Air and SERVPRO of Iredell County are both members of the Noon Network leads group and we have personally received and been able to give several “jobs” to this excellent group of professionals." - Jamie Knebel, ServPro of Iredell County 


    "David, Your staff and you are to be commended!  So extremely proud of the difference ya'll make for the community at large!!! The SV Chamber beneath your leadership is a "big league" operation. The Annual Business Meeting is a reflection and showcase of your staff's due diligence and EVERYDAY achievements rolled into a one night celebration. Much success in 2015!
    Semper Fi,
    Wayne" - Wayne Weston, Thor-Lo, Inc


    “The Chamber of Commerce paves the way for businesses to succeed in any economy.”
    Alex Walker, Walker, Robinson, & Clark


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