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     The mission of the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce is to create value for our members by representing their interests and needs, and by being their voice of business, thereby, strengthening the quality of life and the continued development and prosperity of our community.

Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce 2015           
                   Program of Work


The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce will serve as the catalyst for proactive change in the business community while developing, expanding partnerships to achieve common goals. 

We are a membership based organization comprised of over 700 businesses and professionals. We believe that the long term economic vitality of a community is driven by successful businesses. We serve as a unified voice for business in public affairs.  

Much of our programming is directed towards building a network of contacts for our members. Spending money locally with other Chamber members expands the community’s economic prosperity. Through various leads groups, business after/before hours, Business Expo, breakfast clubs, workshops/seminars or our extraordinary Ambassadors program we offer members the opportunity to grow their local business. Additionally, we expect to offer over 100,000 referrals of local Chamber members to the vast number of internet and telephone inquirers.

Perhaps just as important are the initiatives that we undertake to help build a sense and spirit of “community”. When creative, energetic and passionate people pull together for a common cause, good things happen. In many cases, the Chamber has been an organizing force. Together, through the coordinative efforts of the Chamber, we can accomplish many more things that any of us could do on our own.

Divisions of the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Membership Division

(VP – Mae Jackson, Davis Regional Medical Center)

The purpose of this division is to build the membership of the organization and to provide networking opportunities for the economic well-being of the membership. 


·         Complete the year with over 725 members

·         Keep retention of existing members at 86%

·         Maintain a vibrant Ambassadors program that meets monthly

·         Update the Chamber website, www.statesvillechamber.org to showcase the community, the organization and our members.

·         Serve as a social media “connector” for our membership

·         Schedule and host Business after Hours monthly and other networking events as needed.

·         Communicate via email with the membership once a week to note upcoming events.

·         Coordinate the publication of “The Connection” the bi-monthly magazine of the Chamber

·         Complete the 2014-15 Leadership Statesville program


Public Policy Division

(VP – Dustin McCrary, Law Offices of Dustin McCrary)

The purpose of this division is to serve as a proactive and unified voice for the business community in local, state and federal government.


·         Maintain weekly contact with local officials as it relates to matters of pertinence to the business environment of Statesville and Iredell County,

·         Communicate periodically with state and federal officials as it relates to matters of pertinence to the business environment of Statesville and Iredell County,

·         Coordinate Local Candidate’s Academy to educate citizens interested in running for public office about the election process.

·         Coordinate public forum for candidates running for public office

·         Maintain relationship with the local transportation organizations to voice our areas of interest and concern.

·         Survey the membership, as needed, to determine areas of public policy areas of interest or need.


Business Development

(VP – Brian Nicolay, Flow)

The purpose of this division is to provide programming devoted specifically for local businesses to enhance profitability. 


·         Create a proactive entrepreneurial recruitment campaign

·         Continue the innovative “Think Local” campaign begun in 2013

·         Provide periodic meetings of businesses along the Sullivan Road corridor that are impacted by the construction of I-40 to ensure good communication as it relates to traffic flow and other concerns

·         Help coordinate and market seminars and workshops through the Mitchell Community College Small Business Center.

·         Develop a quarterly meeting of the local realtors in Iredell County to provide information enabling greater advocation for making Statesville/Troutman a preferred destination for relocation

·         Aid in the coordination of the Iredell County Health Forum

·         Coordinate the three Leads Groups of the Chamber

·         Quarterly update metrics that determine economic vibrancy of the community.

·         Coordinate quarterly “Secrets to Long Term Success” lunch

·         Coordinate the annual NC Safety Awards banquet

·         Serve on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Statesville Regional Development

·         Coordinate a quarterly meeting Statesville Restaurant group


Troutman Area Council

(VP – Jan Comer, Engineered Sintered Components)

The purpose of this division is to provide an avenue for the business community and leaders in the Troutman area to become actively involved in the vitality of the area.


·         Hold quarterly meetings with the business and government leaders in Troutman around pertinent topics.

·         Increase participation and membership by 15%

·         Seek areas and programs that will encourage people from Troutman to be more involved with overall Chamber programming.

·         Promote the continued utilization and expansion of Troutman/Engineered Sintered Components Park.

Coordinate the purpose and practices of the North Carolina Small Town Main Street Program for a further revitalized energy in the community. 

·         Hold at least two Party in the Park events in which the community gathers



(VP- Susie Wiberg, Iredell-Statesville Schools)

The purpose of this division is to serve as a liaison between the business and education communities.  We will undertake programming that serves to raise the profile of local education, teachers and students.


·         Coordinate Youth Leadership Iredell program, a nine month program for the top juniors at local high schools in which they are led through topical explorations of Iredell County.

·         Maintain close relationships with the LeaderinMe schools through the Iredell-Statesville School to understand how the business community can continue involvement

·         Maintain partnership with the “Teaching for Jobs” program initiated by Statesville Regional Development in which teachers are provided information on the local job market, particularly in the fields of advanced manufacturing

·         Provide support to all local education institutions as requested


Special Events

 (VP – Caroline Brown, AlarmSouth)

The purpose of this division is to provide programming that will build energy and excitement within the membership and community at large, while providing valuable revenue to the organization.


·         Coordinate the Chamber’s Annual Meeting

·         Coordinate the Annual Business Expo

·         Coordinate the Birdie, Bogeys and Business Golf Tournament

·         Coordinate the Davis Regional Amazing Race

·         Coordinate the Corporate Spellin’ Bee

·         Co-coordinate Piedmont HealthCare Friday after Five

·         Co-coordinate Statesville Pumpkinfest

·         Provide support for the Carolina BalloonFest






Chair – John Green, Iredell Health System

Past Chair – Randy Welch, Duke Energy

Treasurer – Alex Walker, Walker, Robinson and Clark Insurance

VP – Business Development – Brian Nicolay, Flow Automotive

VP – Public Policy –   Dustin McCrary, Law Offices of Dustin McCrary

VP – Troutman Area Council – Jan Comer, Engineered Sintered Components

VP – Special Events – Caroline Brown, AlarmSouth

VP – Education – Susie Wiberg, Iredell-Statesville Schools

VP – Membership – Mae Jackson






Terms Expiring 2015

Mike Neader, McDonald’s                                                                 Jan Comer, Engineered Sintered Components

Tim Brewer, Mitchell Community College                                             John Galina, Purple Heart Homes

Susie Wiberg, Iredell Statesville Schools                                               Mae Jackson

Melinda Childress, Banner Drug                                                             Dave Rausch, Kewaunee Scientific.


Terms Expiring 2016
                                                                                        Rich Gustin, Amesbury Textiles

Rita Moore, Doosan Infracore                                                       Caroline Brown, AlarmSouth

Brian Nicolay, Flow Automotive                                                     Pritesh Nagaraji, Comfort Inn

Jason Cole, Twisted Oak American Bar and Grill                                Brian Sohovich, Edward Jones Investments


 Terms Expiring 2017

Freddie Morrison, City of Statesville                                      Dustin McCrary (Law Offices of Dustin McCrary)

Mary Palmes (Coldwell Banker)                                            Alex Walker (Walker, Robinson and Clark Insurance)

Joe Wegmiller (Goodyear)                                                  Chad French (Davis Regional Medical Center)                                      



One Year Appointed Terms

John Koppelmeyer, Children's Hope Alliance                          Cassie Hansley, First Citizens Bank



Ex-Officio Members

Michael Smith, Statesville Regional Development                  Nancy Keith, Cooperative Extension Service

Marin Tomlin, Downtown Statesville Development Corp.          Joel Sprinkle, Chair of Ambassadors

Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau                           Ron Smith, Iredell County Manager      

Ann Bailie, Ton Manager of Troutman                                  Larry Pressly, City Manager of Statesville