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I-40 / I-77 Construction



December 18, 2014 Quarterly Update Meeting Scheduled

Join us for our quarterly conversation with NC Department of Transportation representatives as we as Zachry Construction to discuss the extensive work on I-40. Our hope is to better understand what will be happening over the next three months as well as expectations for the coming year. No cost to attend. 

Location Details

Holiday Inn Express
939 North Carolina Ave
Statesville NC 28677 United States

10:00am - 11:00am 

August 7, 2014 UPDATE

The complete project of the re-construction of the I40/I77 interchange project is broken out into 2 phases – I-3819A  (common referred to as Phase 1) and I-3819B (commonly referred to as Phase 2).    Phase 1 of the project includes:


·         Widening on I40 from 4 to 6 lanes from NC 115 to Old Mocksville Road

·         Constructing parallel lanes on I40 West that will allow vehicles to access US 21 as   well as accessing I40 from US 21 without disrupting the flow of traffic

·         Reconstructing US 21 from just north of Glenway Drive to BB&T on Sullivan Road south of I-40, with a diverging diamond interchange at I4-40. 

·         Reconstructing the bridge on Radio Road

·         Building a new bridge over US 21 and Fourth Creek

·         Building a new bridge from Sunset Hill Road to Gaither Road.  This is being done  as  the access to Gaither Road from US 21 will be eliminated

·         Elimination of the “cloverleaf”  intersection of I-77 North to I-40 West.  Entry from    I-77 North to I-40 West OR to US 21 will reconstructed and greatly diminishing the  traffic buildup at I-40 West and US 21. 



Important information – During the last session, the General Assembly passed the Strategic Transportation Investment law (STI) which scores projects based on specific data.  Also, part of the STI law established a corridor cap, which ensures one road does not get all the funding in a division.  There is a project in south Charlotte on I-77 that scored higher than the 2nd part of the interchange project and therefore is being programmed first.   The costs of the two projects exceeds the corridor cap.  Therefore, Phase 2 of this project is being delayed.  It is being delayed, not cancelled.    The Greater Statesville Chamber will continue to monitor these projects and advocate for the completion of Phase 2 as soon as possible.  It is however, important to note what Phase 2 includes:


·         A flyover ramp for traffic on I40 West that is seeking to travel onto I77 South

·         A flyover ramp for traffic on I40 East that is seeking to travel onto I77 North


Almost all other components of the project are contained in Phase one that has a scheduled completion date of 2017.



For more information, please click to:  http://www.ncdot.gov/projects/i40i77Improvements/