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I-40 / I-77 Construction

August 7, 2014 UPDATE

The complete project of the re-construction of the I40/I77 interchange project is broken out into 2 phases – I-3819A  (common referred to as Phase 1) and I-3819B (commonly referred to as Phase 2).    Phase 1 of the project includes:


·         Widening on I40 from 4 to 6 lanes from NC 115 to Old Mocksville Road

·         Constructing parallel lanes on I40 West that will allow vehicles to access US 21 as   well as accessing I40 from US 21 without disrupting the flow of traffic

·         Reconstructing US 21 from just north of Glenway Drive to BB&T on Sullivan Road south of I-40, with a diverging diamond interchange at I4-40. 

·         Reconstructing the bridge on Radio Road

·         Building a new bridge over US 21 and Fourth Creek

·         Building a new bridge from Sunset Hill Road to Gaither Road.  This is being done  as  the access to Gaither Road from US 21 will be eliminated

·         Elimination of the “cloverleaf”  intersection of I-77 North to I-40 West.  Entry from    I-77 North to I-40 West OR to US 21 will reconstructed and greatly diminishing the  traffic buildup at I-40 West and US 21. 



Important information – During the last session, the General Assembly passed the Strategic Transportation Investment law (STI) which scores projects based on specific data.  Also, part of the STI law established a corridor cap, which ensures one road does not get all the funding in a division.  There is a project in south Charlotte on I-77 that scored higher than the 2nd part of the interchange project and therefore is being programmed first.   The costs of the two projects exceeds the corridor cap.  Therefore, Phase 2 of this project is being delayed.  It is being delayed, not cancelled.    The Greater Statesville Chamber will continue to monitor these projects and advocate for the completion of Phase 2 as soon as possible.  It is however, important to note what Phase 2 includes:


·         A flyover ramp for traffic on I40 West that is seeking to travel onto I77 South

·         A flyover ramp for traffic on I40 East that is seeking to travel onto I77 North


Almost all other components of the project are contained in Phase one that has a scheduled completion date of 2017.



For more information, please click to:  http://www.ncdot.gov/projects/i40i77Improvements/