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  • Leadership Statesville Class of 2018-2019


    Leadership Statesville is a nine month program that identifies potential community leaders with diverse backgrounds, preparing them to accept unique opportunities to strengthen and transform the Statesville community through active involvement.  

    Mission Statement

    The goal of Leadership Statesville is to identify potential community leaders and provide them with information and encouragement, which will enable them to put their talents to use in the community.


    Statesville and Iredell County are in a period of transition.  The profiles of the city and county are changing.  Today’s leaders need to have access to more current information.  Once informed, they must accept the unique opportunity, as well as, the responsibility of   active community involvement.This is an innovative program designed to meet our community’s ever growing need for the active participation of knowledgeable and dedicated leaders.

    Developing Future Leaders…Today!

    Training business and professional people to assume community leadership roles is one way to ensure a continuing reservoir of leadership talent for the future.  For the past twenty years, local community leaders have taught a maximum of 30 business people a year in each of the leadership programs.

    Program Design

    A diverse group of existing and potential leaders is assembled for the program to better understand themselves, their peers, their community, and more.

    The program includes the following key elements:

    • Orientation—to review the year long experience and to set the stage for growth.

    • Overnight Retreat—with a 2 day and overnight retreat, the class is able to create their own identity, build a strong bond with each other, and begin to gain a solid understanding of how to work together as growing leaders.

    • Day Sessions—one session per month totaling 7 individual, full day sessions designed to explore various aspects of the community that often dive into local issues, areas of community need, and current community resources. Participants will see aspects of the community they might not have seen before as well as have the opportunity to interact with various community and business leaders.

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  • If you have any questions please contact John Childress at 704-873-2892 or jchildress@statesvillechamber.org 

  • Leadership Advisory Board 2018-2019

    John Childress, Chairperson Statesville Chamber of Commerce
    Charles Ashe Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County 
    Brett Eckerman United Way of Iredell County, Inc
    David Bradley  Statesville Chamber of Commerce
    Jennifer Minton  Carolina Farm Credit, ACA 
    Jerry Campbell  Impact Health of Iredell County
    Kelly Elam Pardue Mitchell Community College
    Mike Hotze  Iredell County Parks & Recreation 
    Richard Griggs City of Statesville Recreation & Parks
    Christen Fries Iredell County Partnership for Young Children
    Danielle Mower  First Citizens Bank
    Kristi Madison-Pfeufer Doug Madison Realty
    Markeatha Murphy  Another Path
    Marty Cass Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County
    Nicole Greer Vibrant Coaching






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