• Police Officer

    City of Statesville
    Job Description
    Statesville Police Department
    Salary Range: $37,654.45 - $62,130.02 
    GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Performs intermediate protective service work involving a variety of general or support duty police assignments; does related work as required.
    Work is performed under regular supervision.
    • On an assigned shift, operates a patrol vehicle to observe for violations of laws, suspicious activities or persons and disturbances of law and order and responds with appropriate enforcement action;
    • Responds to radio dispatches, walk-in traffic and answers calls for assistance and complaints;
    • Testifies in court;
    • Operates specialized equipment and departmental computers in performance of varied tasks;
    • Assists in processing crime scenes, investigates and follows up on crimes committed;
    • Conducts field testing of controlled substances;
    • Performs duties as a field training officer by training, evaluating and supervising new recruits for extended periods of time; prepares field training documentation;
    • Acts as desk officer as needed; monitors and operates radio; dispatches officers; monitors public service and 911 as needed;
    • Meets and maintains required level of training;
    • May be assigned to special duties, special operations or technical support operations;
    • Effects an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdues resisting suspects using maneuvers and resorts to the use of hands and feet and other approved weapons in self-defense as necessary;
    • Prepares investigative and other reports, including sketches, using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations;
    • Exercises independent judgment in determining when there is reasonable suspicion to detain, when probable cause exists to search and arrest and when force may be used and to what degree;
    • Operates a law enforcement vehicle during both day and night, in emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits in congested traffic and unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice and snow;
    • Communicates effectively and coherently over law enforcement radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications;
    • Gathers information in criminal and administrative investigations by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informers;
    • Pursues fleeing suspects and performs rescue operations which may involve quickly entering and exiting law enforcement patrol vehicle; lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects; climbing over and pulling oneself over obstacles; jumping down from elevated surfaces; climbing through openings; jumping over obstacles, ditches and streams; crawling in confined areas; balancing on uneven or narrow surfaces and using body force to gain entrance through barriers;
    • Loads, unloads, aims and fires from a variety of body positions, handguns, shotguns and other agency firearms under conditions of stress that justify the use of deadly force and at levels of proficiency prescribed in certification standards;
    • Maintains, cares for, and cleans handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, gas guns, and a variety of issued equipment and uniforms.
    • Performs searches of people, vehicles, buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve feeling and detecting objects, walking for long periods of time and detaining people and stopping suspicious vehicles and persons;
    • Engages in law enforcement patrol functions that include such things as working rotating shifts, walking on foot patrol and physically checking the doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are secure;
    • Effectively communicates with the public, including juveniles, by giving information and directions, mediating disputes and advising of rights and processes;
    • Demonstrates communications skills in court and other formal settings;
    • Detects, collects preserves, and stores evidence and substances that provide the basis of criminal offenses and infractions and that indicate the presence of dangerous conditions;
    • Endures verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of suspects and other people encountered in an antagonistic environment;
    • Performs rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include directing traffic for long periods of time, administering emergency medical aid, lifting, dragging and carrying people away from dangerous situations and securing and evacuating people from particular areas;
    • Knows and adheres to pertinent safety and health regulations;
    NOTE:  The successful applicant must be able to perform ALL of the above functions, unassisted, and at a pace and level of performance consistent with the actual job performance requirements.  This requires a high level of physical ability to include vision, hearing, speaking, flexibility and strength.
    JOB RELATED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY REQUIREMENTS:  This position requires the employee to exert up to 250 pounds of force occasionally, and less force frequently.  Physical activity related to this position may include climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling, talking, hearing and repetitive motions.  Sufficient visual acuity is required to prepare and analyze data and figures, operate a computer terminal, visually inspect and detect small defects in equipment, use measuring devices, and do extensive reading.  This employee is subject indoor and outdoor environmental conditions throughout the year including extreme cold and heat, vibration, and noise; subject to hazards including physical harm coming from individuals; subject to working in narrow or confined areas; subject to adverse atmospheric conditions and may be required to wear a respirator.  An employee in this position could be "reasonably anticipated" as a result of performing their job duties to face contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials.
    REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  General knowledge of police methods, practices and procedures; general knowledge of the geography of the City and the location of important buildings; general knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Police Department; ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions and to prepare clear comprehensive reports; ability to deal courteously but firmly with the public; ability to analyze situations and to adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action with due regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances; skill in the use of firearms and the operation of an automobile; good physical condition.
    EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  Graduation from high school; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
    SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Possession of a valid N.C. driver's license; possession of Basic Law Enforcement Certification issued by the state of N.C.; must meet and maintain minimum training and experience qualifications for the position as established by the department.
    In order to process a Police Officer Application, each Candidate must:


    This position is “non-exempt” and is eligible for overtime pay.
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