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    Hosting a Business after (or before) hours is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your business.  These events are extraordinary opportunities for our members, and potential members, to get to know each other.  We all would rather do business with people that we know and respect.  These events provide that venue.  As a host, your business will gain additional profile.  Our hope is providing these guidelines is to better understand how to get the most out of your Business After Hours.

    Suggestions –

    1)       Know why you want to host this event and articulate that with the Chamber staff.  You might want to have as many people as possible at the BAH – or you might want to have a more targeted approach to getting a more specific audience to the event. 


    2)      Business after Hours are often scheduled months in advance.  The date is typically the 3rd Thursday of each month.  If you need to change the day please contact Valerie Chambers at 704-818-3313 in advance. The Chamber does not schedule anything on the evening of a Business after Hours.   This networking event is normally scheduled from 5-7pm.  The highest attendance will be from 5:45-6:30.  With a Business before Hours, the typical time period is 7-8:30.  Business before Hours is typically less well attended.  We do not have a calendar of Business before Hours so any date selected can be approved through the Chamber staff.


    3)      Recognize that people seek something to do with their hands.  They also seek commonalities through with they can begin a conversation.  Serving food often gives folks that option.  We can provide you with a list of Chamber member caterers.  You want to make this an experience people can remember and talk about in a positive manner later.  The Chamber staff will work with you to determine an approximate number of attendees.


    4)      Providing alcohol, at Business after Hours,  is your prerogative.  There is little question that providing beer/wine will increase attendance.  The Chamber does not assume any liability. Again, this is your decision – historically, however, we can note that events that do not serve alcohol have approximately 60% attendance of those that do. 


    5)      Do something memorable.  It might be a tour of your facility, or a 5-10 minute talk about what you do or – provide an activity for the guests.  (if you did the latter, make it no more than 15 minutes).


    6)      Provide door prizes – it doesn’t need to be many but some that might show off your product line/service would be great.  The real value of door prizes is you will have the business cards of those that attended the event.  You can send out a thank you note, email, etc to those attendees to make the evening more memorable.


    7)      Have fun – people want to enjoy themselves so try to make this experience memorable.  Try something new.   To get a feel for how you want your Business after (of before) Hours to be memorable, go to others through the course of the year to determine what you liked or would change.


    Responsbilities –

    Chamber staff ---

    1)      Promotion - We will get notification of the event out to our membership with at least 2 weeks notice.  This notification is via email and on our Community Calendar

    2)      Registration – our Ambassadors will serve as registrants as people walk in.  We will also provide name badges  

    3)      Business Card collection – We will collect business cards for any door prize raffle you will have.

    4)      Introduce you – At the predetermined time, the Chamber staff will gain the attention of the attendees, thank them for coming and discuss any pertinent Chamber issues. (Expect 5 minutes).  At that point, the staff will introduce you as the host to give time for announcements, introducing your staff, etc . 

    Host –

    1)      Have food and beverage ready no later than 4:45

    2)      Promotion – PLEASE invite your existing customers to attend.  Additionally, if you would like to send invitations through the mail to our members, we will provide the mailing labels at a discounted cost. 

    3)      Provide door prizes

    4)      Be prepared for a brief introduction of you, your staff and/or your business.  Again, doing something memorable is always important.

    5)      Have fun!

    Please contact vchambers@statesvillechamber.org if you are interested in hosting Business After Hours or hosting a Morning Mingle. Please also view more info here.

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