• Why Hire a Millennial?

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    The future for employers is in the hands of the up and coming millennial generation. Some have seen this as a scary realization, but the truth is it could be what brings your business to that next level.  

    Today in the United States 35 percent of millennials make up the workforce, this makes them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force right now according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yet some wouldn’t know that because they are perceived as the “Lazy Generation”. The skill sets millennials hold could be what will help expand your business, they can help develop marketing materials while also implementing an action plan to help you attract more growth opportunities.  

    The first skill set most people have seen with this new generation is technology, even though this seems to be the overplayed skill for millennials it is an important one. The general public is moving online for purchases because it is much more time efficient, and according to a 2017 poll 81 percent of Americans have a social media page where a lot of the world’s marketing is happening. Millennials are incredibly fast learners it has been seen that they are better at adapting to a new industry, project and/or environment which goes to show the millennials can also be time efficient for your business and its goals.  

    The ambition factor in this generation seems to get lost in the typical stereotype, millennials want to move up the ladder and be successful. They are able to do that because they are resourceful with what is handed to them on the job, when they are given the creative freedom to succeed they are able to come up with extraordinary things that can produce results. Millennials see their place of business or current project as something that can succeed, and they will work their hardest to see it through because they don’t just view this as an important task they see it as a building block to something greater. By hiring a millennial you won’t be hiring a yes-man, it has been seen that they will voice their opinions and bring their own input to the table that can be effective. They can also work well with others to bring the best possible result to the table. 

    This generation is becoming more educated because college is seen as a must after high school. In a recent 2016 poll 4/10 millennials have at least a bachelor’s degree. They want to be more educated, so they can achieve their dream job. While this might not be seen as much, but it’s huge for American industry, it is a cost-effective reality that you can hire someone with a higher education and pay them with a starting salary.  

    30 percent of millennials say that meaningful work is more important than higher pay. Millennials want to care about their work, the real question is will you give them that chance? 


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