• 4 Things You Didn't Know About the Home & Garden Show

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    The 2nd Annual Full Bloom Home & Garden Show is NEXT week!  Can you believe that spring is right at our backdoor?  That means that spring cleaning is right around the corner too! We want to help you be prepared for all your spring projects no matter what it is!  Here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about this year’s Home & Garden Show:
    1. There is something for EVERYONE. – This isn’t just a show for parents or outdoors-y people.  There is going to be great food, manicures/pedicures discount from the C.A.T.S. students, and amazing displays.  So, if you aren’t the type to get your nails dirty, you can come get your nails done!


                    2. This isn’t just booths/vendors - there are classes too. – We don’t just want you to see the amazing things that you are able to accomplish but we want you to learn how you can accomplish those                 same tasks.  And what better way to learn than to learn in THE SAME chairs the Panthers sat in to learn their plays. 
    1. Even if you don’t own a house, you can still learn a lot. -- Carmen Huffman from Carmen’s Greenhouse is hosting a class on how to grow plants in a container.  This is great knowledge for if you live in an apartment or somewhere where you don’t have room to have a garden.  An State Farm insurance agent said if you have clay pots, it is a great way to help prevent robberies because if they trip over the plants, it’s loud (fun fact for the day). 

    1. C.A.T.S. is an awesome school. -- Career Academy & Technical School prepares students for 21st century careers by challenging them with cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations in job markets today and tomorrow.  Classes range from automotive technology to nail technicians to culinary skills to broadcasting and everything in between. 

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